Book your Private Photo Shoot in Paris

If you want to get great memories of your stay in Paris without worry of having a good camera or missing good photo opportunities, you can choose a private photo session with me (for more details go to Contact page

When I take a picture I always try to be creative. Photography is not just a digital camera, it’s also a way to see mundane things with a different point of view. This is my philosophy.

What Do I Offer ?

All the sessions are private, for singles or couples, the price is the same depending on the duration of the photo shoot starting at Euro 250.

The session could last from 1 to 2 hours or more, as you wish. Some locations are better to have different kind of landscapes such as le Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Tuileries garden, Alexandre III bridge, Montmartre, Seine river, Pont de Arts...

After the session, you will get 12 photos of your choice per hour. All the photos will be edited and delivered in high resolution print-ready in JPEG format. You can choose more photos if you wish, each one of them costs you 15 Euro.


Snow in Paris.JPG
Pigeons and the Lady.jpg

Doing photography is capturing the light, nothing else. The light needs to be mastered to have good results. In Paris, we have the chance to have an incredible light during the golden hour, that's one hour before the sun sets.

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Paris has one of the greatest architecture in the world: from the Haussmann buildings to the old buildings surrounding Le Marais Quarter or the Latin Quarter. Paris is full of big avenues, but also narrow streets, cafés, gardens, hidden courtyards. All that, makes Paris the best photo playground for a professional photographer! Photoshoot in Paris is a fabulous souvenir.

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Paris gives to a photographer an indefinite amount of possibilities to catch parisian street life : Parisians having a coffee at Café de Flore or café Les Deux Magot at Saint-Germain-des-Prés ; romantic couples sitting along the Seine river enjoying the magnificent view of the buildings and bridges. And during the fashion shows, it becomes an incredible playground for fashion photography.

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